Design Cafe

Design Cafe is an award winning Architecture and Interior Design firm based in Bengaluru. We design projects across the country from 1000sq.ft to 1.4million sq.ft in size varying from Residential, Hospitality and Commercial Spaces.

We love to create bespoke Architecture and interiors for Homes, Hotels, Office Complexes and Retails.  >>

It shows in our Client list and within our work. Whether you're designing or remodelling your Home, your company's Offices, your Retail space, or just want spaces that aren't boring, we'd love to help make your world -a more interesting, personal and productive place.

We believe in the Power of Design & the need for interesting spaces/ things.  >>

Our Offices don't have to be boring, our Homes shouldn't be unhealthy, Businesses shouldn't be wasteful, Showrooms should convey the Brand, and the things we create should cause delight daily. We use quality materials and practices, and nothing comes out the door without it being great.

We sweat the small stuff. We believe 'God' is in the details.  >>

It's true, we're obsessed!! We get into the details, get really excited about ideas for storage, debate what the perfect shade of white is for a wall, and are totally jazzed by new and better ways of doing things. We're so into it, we have created processes to ensure what we speak is translated at our sites. Our zeal has led us to a management course, the learning's of which are implemented at every level. But none of that matters as much as doing the very best we can for your project.

We're a new kind of design firm: A Design-Build Studio  >>

We not only design things, we actually build them too. We're a mash-up of architects, designers, builders, fabricators, and artists. Any size project from end-to-end we deliver like no other can. And we're really fun to work with.

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